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Paul Glen, P. Eng., started Rock Glen Consulting in 2001. Paul and his wife, Kim, left careers in Calgary to explore life in the wine region of Southern Okanagan. It seemed a natural fit to continue their professional work by opening up their own consulting business.


Growing up in Southwestern Ontario, Paul spent time exploring the rocks and fossils at Rock Glen, and, as a result, developed a lifelong interest in geology. This interest led to a degree in geological engineering from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Following extensive work experience throughout Western and Northern Canada, he was awarded his professional engineering designation.


The early explorations in Rock Glen, Ontario, also provided the perfect name for the Glens' new geotechnical business - Rock Glen Consulting.


Since opening for business, the firm has grown to a staff of six, with specialties in geology, construction project management, and business. Each summer, one or two university students are invited to join the team.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more about our team.




Seek help from us to determine the risks and quality of the ground before you lay your foundation.

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